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Ettu Nombu (Eight Days Lent) – 2013 in Malankara World

Ettu Nombu is a lent observed by Malankara Christians worldwide. The passion to celebrate this lent is not seen with any other lent. More prayer meetings, retreats and convention messages are offered this week than in any other week of the year in Malankara Churches.

Malankara World Journal Specials for Ettu Nombu from

Issue 161 – Ettu Nombu – Day 1 (Sept 1)
Issue 162 – Ettu Nombu – Day 2 (Sept 2)
Issue 163 – Ettu Nombu – Day 3 (Sept 3)
Issue 164 – Ettu Nombu – Day 4 (Sept 4)
Issue 165 – Ettu Nombu – Day 5 (Sept 5)
Issue 166 – Ettu Nombu – Day 6 (Sept 6)
Issue 167 – Ettu Nombu – Day 7 (Sept 7)

Malankara Madness National Tournament

Hello captains! Sorry for taking a while to send you an email with information/ updates; a couple of teams had to drop out due to unavoidable conflicts so I had to replace their spots with other teams from this year’s Top 25 List.

First off, I want to thank all of you for choosing to play in the Malankara Madness tournaments this year. As you may know, we’re hosting this tournament to raise money for a charity organization called “Sneha Veedu” in India, so all profit that we make will be sent to them. This year we’re blessed to have teams from all four of our regions represented at the National Tournament. We hope to make this the best tournament your team has ever participated in.
Just a couple of reminders:
1) The tournament is next Saturday July 27, 2013 and it will be held at Joseph St. Lawrence Sports Complex (aka Torne Valley) and the address is 115 Torne Valley Road Hillburn, NY 10931.
2) We ask that teams arrive at the gym by 7:30 so we can start the check in process to make sure things go smoothly. Players will need to bring photo ID; without it we cannot let you play with your team. 
3) Attached are waiver forms; it is very important that all players sign the waiver forms. There is a team waiver form, and there is an under 18 waiver form. If a player on your team is under 18, please make sure that they and their parent sign the waiver form. Without signed waiver forms we cannot let you play. 
4) If you have played in one of our regional tournaments, we ask that you bring back and wear those shirts during the National Tournament. For the teams that didn’t play in a regional tournament but were invited to play in the National Tournament, you will receive your shirts at check in. Along with shirts, each team will receive a complimentary case of water.
5) For teams that are not familiar with the area, we will have a concession stand throughout the tournament. We will have items such as candy, chips, Gatorade, water, bananas, etc and I am working on having pizza and sandwiches for sale during lunch time. 
6) The mens teams are guaranteed 3 regular season games; the womens teams are guaranteed 2 regular season and 1 playoff game. For the mens division only the top 8 teams will advance to the playoffs and this will be decided by the following order: overall record, head to head, point differential and then points scored. If there is a tie between teams that are in the playoffs, a coin is flipped to determine who gets seeded what. In the chance that two teams are tied with same point differential, points scored, etc and only one of the two teams can advance to the playoffs, they would play a wildcard game to determine who gets the final playoff spot. Playoff format will be a 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, etc.
7) I personally request that you do not approach the scores table and confront them about anything. These are members from my youth group that have volunteered to do things throughout the day; they are not professional scores keepers but have done this at our regional tournaments. So I ask that you be patient with them if there are any issues and it will be taken care of right away. If you have any questions (such as how many team fouls you have, or how many time outs are left) I ask that the team captain or coach ask the scores table; any other questions, feel free to ask the referees. 
8) During the regular season there will be 10 minute halves and during the playoffs there will be 12 minute halves. The clock will be running until the last minute of the second half; so under a minute, the clock will stop at every whistle. In the case of an overtime situation, 3 minutes will be put on the clock. 
9) I understand that this is a National Tournament, so everyone will be playing with a lot of emotion. I personally don’t mind “talk” during a game, so I’ve asked the referees to allow you guys to play. However, they will be watching and listening to everything during the game. If they feel things are going to get out of hand they will give you a warning, if things continue to worsen, they will give you a technical foul.Fighting is not allowed at all; remember that this is a Christian tournament and we want to keep the environment as friendly as possible considering there will be clergy and families, especially children present. If you are caught fighting, you will be thrown out of the tournament. 
Also attached are rosters of each team, and a schedule of the tournament day. You can review the rules of the tournament at If you have any questions, please feel free to email me back. If you would like to have my phone number to contact me next weekend, just email me back and I will send it to you. See you all next weekend!
– Joey Abraham
Malankara Madness National Coordinator

MGSOSA NE 2 DAY Retreat Annoucement – Flyer

Dear Church Leaders, Representatives, Brothers & Sisters in Christ, 

We hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer and had nice time in Dallas during the AYFC 2013. It is time for those who missed out on AYFC and those who want to regroup with their beloved after the AYFC, here is the opportunity. MGSOSA NE is hosting it’s 1st ever 2 day summer Retreat held at EddyFarm Retreat Center and St George Nanuet Church, NY.

Please find the attached flyer for the MGSOSA NE’s 1st ever 2 day Summer Retreat, it’s held at EddyFarm Retreat Center, NY located next to the Delaware River for devotion and prayer in the nature and at St George Church Nanuet NY. Spaces are limited.

Please use the attached flyer, take some prints outs and have the Church Secretary or the Youth Secretary announce in the Church regarding the retreat at the Church Announcement tomorrow and later have a meeting with the youth and discuss regarding the retreat and collect the names of the youths interested also please let us know, if would need accommodations for 9th Night, so that we can make necessary arrangements, which will be provided by parish members Nanuet NY.

Please use the registration form to fill out the details of the interested attendees.

We hope to see you there.


Theme: Prayer: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Rejoice always; pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Dates: Aug 9th (Friday) 11 PM – 8 PM – EddyFarm Retreat Center NY

Aug 10th (Saturday) 10 AM – 4PM – St George Church Nanuet, NY

Registration Fees – $50.

It will be a 2 day retreat on Aug 9th (Friday) and 10th (Saturday). The Retreat starts at 11 AM on Aug 9th at EddyFarm NY (100 Eddy Farm Rd, Sparrowbush, NY – 12780 with registration and at 1 PM lunch will be served. After praise & worship, speech by our speakers and small group discussions, dinner will be served by EddyFarm facility and the activities close at 8 PM for that day. The people coming from far away will be provided with accommodations at houses of Church members of Nanuet members on August 9th night. Chaperones will be available at the facility along with our Achans and Chemachans.

The Next day Aug 10th (Saturday), we will meet at St George Nanuet NY Church, where the session starts at 10 AM with breakfast and roll call. After small group discussions and activities, lunch will be server at 1 PM and we will dismiss with farewell at 4PM.

You can find some useful links below, you can always contact me Jaijo Paulose (2012148626) or Aneesh (9737237202) with any questions.

Website link is

Register here –


Facebook Event –

Thanks God Bless

Jaijo Paulose / Aneesh Cheruthottil

Senior Coordinator / Junior Coordinator


H.E. Mor Thimothious To Celebrate the Holy Qurbono…

Dear Loving Church Members.

This Sunday February 24, 2013 the Holy Qurbono will be conducted by H. E. Mathews Mor Thimothious in our church.
His Eminence is the newly appointed Metropolitan to our diocese. This is his first Holy Qurbono in the USA after his
appointment as our Metropolitan.
All are requested to be present on time.


Your Secretary
P.O. Jacob

Aneede Sunday-Sunday of the departed faithful

Submit names for Aneede Prarthana for Holy Qurbono(2/3/13) at: 

Sunday Feb. 3rd is known as Aneede Sunday (Sunday of all faithful departed souls.) Our faith teaches us, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live even after dying.” (John 11:25) 

Through the glorious resurrection of our Lord and Savior, the barrier between the living and the dead have abolished. After a soul passes away, they enter into Paradise awaiting the glorious second coming on which our bodies will be united with the soul again.  

Till that dreadful judgement day, we cry aloud in saying “Kuriyelison-Lord have Mercy.” We also pray that our Lord may grant mercy to the souls of our departed faithful and that they may be granted rest and comfort, while awaiting the judgement day. 

Saranathaale nin kripayil
Maranamadanjoru daassare nin 
Stoumen kalos….Kuriyelison

They who served and died in hope 
Trusting in Thy mercy, Lord;
May Thy living voice them raise 
From their graves to paradise.
Stoumen kalos….Kuriyelison


Kohne( Sunday of the Departed Spiritual Fathers)

Sunday, Jan 27th is called Kohne and is a day that the Holy Church remembers all the departed Spiritual Fathers who have guided us in our spiritual journey. St. Paul reminds us “Remember your leaders, (‘those who have gone before you’) who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.” (Heb.13.7).

Let us remember all our departed Church Fathers. Thru our fasting and prayers may God grant them rest and comfort in the bosom of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

(May those feet that cleanly trod,
Keeping pure Thy Holy Place,
Tread the courts of Paradise
and with angels e’er abide.
Sthomankalos Kurielaison

Suchiyodu Sudhya beskudisa,
Sparsichulla padangal
pukkudhiana dwarangal
Vanavarothu Vasickenam.
Sthomankalos Kurielaison)

Submit prayer requests to


Time & Date : Christmas Caroling

***Christmas Caroling will held on Sat. December 15th, 21st, & 221d

Christmas Caroling will be held on the following days

Dec, 15th … Sat (1pm) Elmont, Floral Park, Bellerose (Queens Areas)
Dec, 21st … Fri (5pm) New Hyde Park, Roslyn Heights, Carle Place, Glen Cove
Dec, 22nd … Sat (1pm) East Meadow, Hicksville, Plainview, Syosset, Melville, Dix Hills

*** The MGSOSA is planning a mission trip to Kerala this December 28th – January 14th. H.E . Titus Yeldho and Rev.Fr. Bijo Mathew will be leading this mission.
You may read more about this at

November 25, 2012: News and Upcoming Events for December

November 25, 2012 News and Upcoming Events for December

***The Church Family Night Will be on Friday November 30th at the Kerala Center beginning at 5:45PM (please be there on time), with prayers. TIME IS ESSENTIAL.
All are humbly requested to be prompt on time due to the amount of programs.

***Those who are attending, please submit your payments of $20 per person as soon as you can.

***Christmas Caroling will held on Sat. December 15th, 21st, & 221d

Christmas Caroling will be held on the following days

Dec, 15th … Sat (1pm) Elmont, Floral Park, Bellerose (Queens Areas)
Dec, 21st … Fri (5pm) New Hyde Park, Roslyn Heights, Carle Place, Glen Cove
Dec, 22nd … Sat (1pm) East Meadow, Hicksville, Plainview, Syosset, Melville, Dix Hills

*** The MGSOSA is planning a mission trip to Kerala this December 28th – January 14th. H.E . Titus Yeldho and Rev.Fr. Bijo Mathew will be leading this mission.
You may read more about this at

*** Sunday School Finial Exams will be held on Sunday December 9th after the Holy Qurbono