Lenten Message by Rev. Fr. Bijo Mathew, Atlanta, Georgia

A priest was invited to speak at a convention. After the convention, dinner was arranged at a nearby house. Due to lack of time, the priest wanted to skip the dinner. But the lady of the house, where the dinner was arranged, insisted that the priest come and have dinner. Finally the priest gave in and decides to visit the house for dinner. At dinner, the priest was happy with all the items the lady had cooked. To his further delight, while serving the food, the lady quoted topics she loved about the sermon. She said “Father, I loved it when you talked about forgiveness, about loving your neighbor, about not gossiping, about leading a moral life etc. etc.’ The Father was ecstatic because finally he thought, there was at least one person inspired by the speech. Then to his surprise, the lady continued “everything was great! but, my neighbor who needed to hear all this was not in attendance today”.

This is our story. We too think the world needs to change while the speck remains in our eyes. This Great Lent season, let us find time to be honest with ourselves, reconcile our differences with others, and seek forgiveness from God while we forgive our trespassers. Like the tasteless, odorless, colorless water transformed in to sweet, fragrant, colorful wine, let us too experience a transformation in our lives through the observance of the Great Lent. 

Humbly asking for forgiveness for any wrong I have done against you,

Bijo Achen

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