Great Lent Week 3 Update


I pray that you are doing well.

“The debts and sins of the human race that arose through the transgression of Your commandments at Eden, are being forgiven through lent. The doors of Paradise are opened through this lent for the salvation of Adam. Daniel observed the lent and he overcame the lions. Hananiah and other children survived the flames of fire by the lent. Elijah ascended to heaven in a fiery chariot. Joshua, son of Nun, made the sun and moon in the skies stand still. Blessed is he who observes the lent and fasting with joy. Salvation and a joyful bridal chamber open for him. Lord, open your merciful door to us. Do not give us times of hardship. Where will we knock if you close your doors before us? Have kindness towards us who are created in Your Image. Do not forsake us. Do not cast us from your presence because of the stench of our transgressions.   Have mercy on us O Lord who emancipated us by Your lent. O Messiah who fasted for us, praise be to You, to Your Father, and to Your Holy Spirit. Accept our lent and prayer, and have mercy on us in this world and in that to come.”


I wish you all the blessings of a Holy Lent!


Bijo Achen